I have been using Zotero add-on for Firefox for about a year now. I have adapted the fields for my own purposes.

In library column I have several folders and subfolders of the family lines I am researching. I also have a folder that is called working files. These contain the webpage sources that I have clipped. Once I have reviewed them and input them to genealogy program I save them to the appropriate family folder.

The far right column has the download info.

Item Page
Title = the website info directly downloaded when you click Create Webpage item
Author = name of the ancestor - surname,christian name(s)
Abstract = event i.e. birth, marriage, death, etc.
Website Title = any other information from the website needed to identify source, such as collection, database etc.
Website type - don't use this one as yet
Date = use if the year of the document is not on the original document
Short title - don't use
URL = automatically added
Accessed = automatically added
Language = use this from time to time if the language of the document is not the norm, which in my case is German. Some of the documents are in Russian and I enter this so that I can send them to a translator, when I find one.
Rights - don't use
Extra = I use this for the page number

From the Title, Website Title and Extra I can make a pretty good citation in the genealogy program for the source of the document.

As I use this mostly in two archives with scanned images of church records, the folder for an entry has an image of the document. I open this in Paint, use the rounded rectangle tool plus red colour and highlight the entry for the ancestor. I then save the image as a .jpg with the filename being the name of the ancestor (surname, christian names) if it is a birth. If death I just add death to the name; or, if it is a marriage I use both names.

examples: Smith, John David
Smith, John David - Jones, Emily
Smith, John David death

I would copy the newly labeled file to an appropriate documents file and the naming protocol would file them together. If one or more has the same name and I catch this early I might add the year of birth to the name.



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