Well summer has flown by and the first snows have fallen, though they did not stay.  The golf clubs are put away and the patio furniture is set aside.  Time for the winter activity of reading and genealogy.
Recently there has been a Canadian version of  "Who Do You Think You Are?"  Either we are not that important, or we get our point across better; because, the show is only half an hour long.  Needless to say, but the process involved in these cases is skipped over in order to fit the time frame.  The stories are just fascinating but there is much missing..
I also found the original UK version online and watched a couple of the episodes.  I did not recognize a lot of the names listed but I did see the one with Amanda Redman as I am a big fan of the series "New Tricks".
Will be posting soon about what I have discovered recently regarding my research on the descendents of Lucas Cranach, the Reformation painter, and my 12th great grandfather.


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