I made an amazing discovery just a week or so ago.

In my blog Winter Works 01/24/2013, I discussed the family line that I had tracked to the USA.  I found a 3rd cousin, H. Louise Westergard (nee Werner).

I decided to transfer my Card Family database to Legacy and see what could be done with it.  This is my wife's maternal family line with strong Mormon roots, and a lineage going back to the 1600s with Richard Card.  The database has approximately 30,000 entries and was the first database I worked on many years ago before there was anything like Ancestry or FamilySearch.  I think Rootsweb was around and the Family Tree Maker website.  I don't ever remember there being discussions about citations and sources.

There were some familiar surnames in the lineage of Louise that also appeared in the Card database, but there did not seem to be any real link.  I worked with FamilySearch and some other online sources and gradually added some family lines that were missing.

Voila!!  Suddenly the connection was there!

Not only is Louise my 3rd cousin......SHE IS MY WIFE'S 6TH COUSIN!!

I emailed her, posted it on Facebook and told my family.   The reaction?   Like a wet rag.

Makes me wonder why I do this at all.  I guess it is for my own amusement; and to keep me off the streets, out of the bars and other activities that cost money.  It satisfies my interest in history and my roots.  I am a bit of a packrat and this allows me to collect without taking up real space.

This space does not produce the desired relationship chart so it will be posted on my data website.




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