Since I had done so much work in the last while, I decided to add the database to my website.  There are actually more people in this than in the Hornung database.  This is likely due to the fact that most of the Hornungs are in Germany and I have not found good sources of information yet.  On the other hand I have found that the National Archives of both Estonia and Latvia have digitized many of the church, and other, records.  These have been tremendous in tracking family and adding information.  I believe that I have most of the primary documents for my grand, great-grand and great-great grand generations on both sides of the tree.


05/06/2012 12:55pm

You are sooo lucky that they are digitizing. Hopefully, with more records going online to be shared I will someday find out more about our elusive Kollain ancestors.
Theresa (Tangled Trees)

Bernd Hornung
05/06/2012 2:37pm

I was fortunate to find these online. From the images I know that they were scanned by the Mormon church and are probably available through their facilities. You seem to have some target areas in Hungary to explore, perhaps there are records available.


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