We'll see how this goes.  (see next post for reasons).
I took this theme as it reminded me of some of the sources that I have recently been using.  It has an old look to it and that is what appealed.

I have always been interested in History.  Genealogical research is an extension on that in trying to find out from where my ancestors came.  Harder to establish is why?

A prime example is Great-great-grandfather Isidor Hornung.
Born  June 21 1824 in Muggensturm he married Theresia Marggraf (Jan 21 1833) in Rastatt (?) Nov 21 1850.  Great-grandfather Karl Alois was born Sept 7 1856 in Rastatt.
then we have Isidor arriving in New York Nov 9 1868 - alone.  I have his death certificate showing him dying on Aug 24 1901, a resident of the Springside Home in New Haven, Connecticut.  His only census appearance is from that year but he does show up in several city directories between 1860 and 1900.   Conversely, Theresia appears in the city directories of Karlsruhe, Germany in 1866 and 1877.

Why would he abandon his family for thirty years? Did he correspond with his family?  He had a trade -woodlathe operator- so why did the family not join him?


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