I keep two data files in FTM, one for each of my maternal and paternal families.  As I was going through the church records for Kuldiga ( Goldingen), Latvia, I noticed that I had to switch back and forth as I found family members on each side.  The conjunction came when I found the confirmation record that is pictured here.  Johann Heinrich Geide is a maternal 2nd great grand uncle and Ernst Friederich Theodor Semmel is the same on the paternal side.  These are the only two that were confirmed together, even though they are several months apart in age.  Their siblings were confirmed but not in any of the same groupings. 
The families lived in the same town for decades and generations, going to the only Lutheran church in town.  Yet, none of them married into the other family.  They were also of the same social status, if occupations are compared; and, of the same ethnicity. Another puzzle to ponder. 



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