Last week's episode of Who Do You Think You Are? with Rashida Jones left me conflicted in my reaction.  First off, I got excited when she discovered Latvian roots and traveled there for further research.  The record books she was shown looked so familiar as they are the same books that I have been looking through online at  It was interesting to see where they are stored and what they looked like physically. I hadn't thought to look through the enlistment records but will give them a try.
The conflict arose when she learned of the fate of her family members that had not left the country, as her direct ancestor did.  To think that these atrocities were perpetrated by members of my national heritage was disconcerting.  Knowing that my own family had been moved out of the country, either forcibly or by choice, gave me relief that they were not directly involved.  I am sure that my reaction is similar to other guests on this show, and others, that learn their ancestors owned slaves.


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