Hard to believe that over a month has passed since my last post.  I have been busy with the Church records at the Estonian and Latvian archives.  I had always thought that I was 1/8 Swedish from the Link family side.  But, it turns out that they come from Latvia (at least as far back as I have tracked).  That's probably what a lot of genealogists find; that family myths are either proven or not.
I have added several hundred names to both data files, more than doubling what Opa Heldt had done in the sixties.  I have image files for many of them and have started an Excel spreadsheet of direct ancestors to record what events I have records of, and which ones are missing.  Hopefully this will be helpful in narrowing down searches.  For the past month I have picked a family, then a country and then a town; and start scrolling through the records.  I use Zotero to save the sites and information, and then do  some editing before entering the data and media into FTM.  I will try to do a step by step of this procedure that seems to work very well for me, and post it either here or the website. I have many records that are in Russian and need to have these translated.
It has been awhile but I have been busy searching records, organizing them and attaching them in Family Tree Maker.  I had a question about linking media (images) files to particular events and sent an inquiry to FTM.  I received a response very quickly that clarified how this was done.  It was a "duh" moment when I realized how easy it was.  But it did lead to another question.  If I have a document affixed to an event, i.e. birth, is there a way for FTM to indicate this on the data page for the person? Something like a check mark or document indicator beside the event.  Then can there be a report that makes a list of all people in the database giving name, place, date of birth, date of confirmation, date of marriage, and date of death?  If the data has a document attached it would be indicated (bolded, underlined, starred).  This report could then be used to search for the missing information document.  Just a thought.