It has been awhile since my last post, but since no one seems to visit here it doesn't really matter.

In May I decided to give Legacy a try as my genealogy database manager.  One of the reasons was that it creates webpages from the data it contains.  I loaded in one of my db's, I think it was the Cranachid, and began to learn my way through the basics.  It worked out well and I liked the webpage output.

Shortly after, FamilySearch opened their access to non-church members.  Legacy interfaces with FamilySearch and I was able to obtain, and provide, more information on this database.

Gradually I opened new databases for the Hornung and Heldt families,  cleaned up the locations, added (and provided) information to FamilySearch.  I also made the FamilyTree which gets updated as you make the links between your database and FamilySearch.

I learned how to make citations and try to have as many pieces of information verified as possible. 

One thing that I like in FTM over Legacy, is the ability to drag-and-drop images.  This ability made it so much easier to add the images of documents to individual events in FTM.  The upside of this is that I have to organize my document images more rationally in appropriate folders and subfolders.  This way I can like them to events in Legacy easier.

Then came an upgrade to Legacy when they were certified to FamilySearch.  Now we just have to wait for Legacy 8, promised to be available this year.

Busy Month

6/27/2012 20:11:43


Hard to believe that over a month has passed since my last post.  I have been busy with the Church records at the Estonian and Latvian archives.  I had always thought that I was 1/8 Swedish from the Link family side.  But, it turns out that they come from Latvia (at least as far back as I have tracked).  That's probably what a lot of genealogists find; that family myths are either proven or not.
I have added several hundred names to both data files, more than doubling what Opa Heldt had done in the sixties.  I have image files for many of them and have started an Excel spreadsheet of direct ancestors to record what events I have records of, and which ones are missing.  Hopefully this will be helpful in narrowing down searches.  For the past month I have picked a family, then a country and then a town; and start scrolling through the records.  I use Zotero to save the sites and information, and then do  some editing before entering the data and media into FTM.  I will try to do a step by step of this procedure that seems to work very well for me, and post it either here or the website. I have many records that are in Russian and need to have these translated.

Post Title.

3/27/2012 15:02:17


I switched from Gramps to UNCLEGed to create the data pages at HausHornung and did some tweaking with Kompozer.  I hope that the result is satisfactory.