Hard to believe that over a month has passed since my last post.  I have been busy with the Church records at the Estonian and Latvian archives.  I had always thought that I was 1/8 Swedish from the Link family side.  But, it turns out that they come from Latvia (at least as far back as I have tracked).  That's probably what a lot of genealogists find; that family myths are either proven or not.
I have added several hundred names to both data files, more than doubling what Opa Heldt had done in the sixties.  I have image files for many of them and have started an Excel spreadsheet of direct ancestors to record what events I have records of, and which ones are missing.  Hopefully this will be helpful in narrowing down searches.  For the past month I have picked a family, then a country and then a town; and start scrolling through the records.  I use Zotero to save the sites and information, and then do  some editing before entering the data and media into FTM.  I will try to do a step by step of this procedure that seems to work very well for me, and post it either here or the website. I have many records that are in Russian and need to have these translated.


01/05/2014 3:05pm

Hello Bernd!
Long time since we had contact. In the past I have not been very interested in my family history. However, I went to Tallinn two years ago, and that started something in me. So I started to search the web and the few papers that my father left behind. The Estonian archives are goldmines. So I found out a thing or two there. One complication is that they are either in German which I can read or Estonian that I can struggle through with an Dictionary. But the Russian pages are almost impossible to interpret.

Interesting enough, I found a "Attestatum Pastorale" (in Swedish) issued by the vicar of Tallinns Swedish-Finnish parish. It states that my mothers mother, Helene Lax was born in Borgå in Finland, and moved to Estonia with her parents. This paper is quite obviously a fake, making it possible for my mother to flee "legally" to Sweden with my sister Ruth i august 1944.

Is it perhaps this fake fact that somehow got into the family "history" making you 1/8 Swedish?

Best regards,
your second? cousin

01/05/2014 5:14pm

Very glad to hear from you Peter! It has been a very long time. For the record you are a first cousin once removed.

I gradually figured out that I have no Swedish blood once I discovered that the Lax family were Estonian. You might be right in your interpretation of how the family legend thought there was a Swedish connection.

Through other lines I have more Dutch lineage than Scandinavian.

Visit the website and see the information I have on all our families. Much is from the Estonian documents site. I can read most of the German, none of the Estonian or Russian. Thankfully our Estonian connections were very Germanized and their records are in German.

Email me and we can set up regular lines of communication. I hear often from Tante Gila but not so much from Uwe.

Best wishes to you and your family



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